Personalized Mr and Mrs Bed Pillow Cover Set

This cool made to order pillow cover set makes a great gift idea for all the lovely married couples.
Choose from 2 available sizes

☆ Product Delivery

Please note that this is a made to order product and it takes 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.  To avoid misprints, please make sure your personalization details are accurate before you place the order. 

☆ About the Product

  1. Material - Flax (Cotton-linen 50% to 50%)
  2. Size - 2 sizes available
    20" x 30" 
    30" x 40"
  3. Hidden zip closure
  4. Durable and washable
  5. This product is a pillow cover and does not include pillow insert or cushion.

☆ How to personalize

  1. Add personalization details on the product page.
  2. Choose color and quantity
  3. Make sure all spellings and dates are correct before you place your order.
  4. Longer names might make the name appear smaller to make sure it fits the design.

☆ Please note

Pillow cover colors may vary slightly in print depending on your display settings.

☆ Shipping

Custom product -  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for US deliveries and 3 to 5 weeks for Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and other international locations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4023 reviews
Great pillow cover!

2 years ago my parents bought a personalized cover for my son, and I was able to find the same one this year for my daughter!

Turned out great

GOID quality

Great Gift

I bought for my brother. Turned out great. Burlap is good quality.

Exactly what I ordered

Very well made and beautiful pillow cover

Perfect Pillow

We gave the pillow to my mother in law for Mother’s Day with all her grandchildren’s names on it. She absolutely loved it.

Great - with one small issue!

Loved the pillow and the idea - but was disappointed that there wasn’t an ‘&’ between my girls names.. I know it seems trivial - but it looks a little odd to have the two names with a comma between!

Mr & Mrs .... pillow cover

I was very nervous parting with my cc details as you never know if an online purchase is going to become an online scam nightmare ! But I really wanted that cushion cover ,so I risked it .
And I am so thrilled with this cushion / pillow cover - fabulous quality & I would recommend to anyone .
I was kept informed once I ordered and given tracking numbers for the courier .
A great product & service & most of all 100% honest !


I love the pillow! It is a nice addition to our Living Room! The whole transaction was quick and smooth. Correspondence was great.

Will purchase another!

Love the pillow covers and will recommend a friend.


Great product. Beautifully made. Was extremely pleased with the purchase

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